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About Me

Darcie Barron CTT, owner

I am currently a Licensed Health Insurance Broker, and Certified Thermography Technician.

When I was 27 I was medically disabled from working in the salon industry.

  Then I was referred to an Environmental Illness Center in Boca Raton, where I learned about food, vitamins and alternative therapies. After one year I had recovered. Which created my passion to continue to learn more, and attend numerous trainings, in multiple modalities. When I was introduced to thermography I knew it was something that could help many, but was very expensive. My goal is to make it affordable to many that only thought about having it done. Many save up for it but never follow up, or don’t know where to go with their results. Through the years I have been blessed to have many talented informed practioners cross my path, and can share their contact information with you to help you along your path to living life at its brightest and fullest.  

The Holistic Approach

It is so importand to treat the whole body mind and sole. Getting to the root cause.   Not just treating the symptoms. Through Thermography and the nutrient mapping you have a great starting point and can watch your progress. Making sure you are taking what you need.  NOT what worked for someone else.  We all have individual needs. 

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